Perhaps what we call depression isn’t really a disorder at all but, like physical pain, an alarm of sorts, alerting us that something is undoubtedly wrong; that perhaps it is time to stop, take a time-out, take as long as it takes, and attend to the unaddressed business of filling our souls.

We’ve come up with 11 different sugar-free approaches. Vote on your favourites and we’ll come up with a collective strategy to reduce sugar consumption.

I picked: better food labeling, ban advertising to kids, and interestingly - reinvest in home economics classes in high schools. I did an IB program in high school, but as an elective I took home ec. I actually learned a lot of good basics, and now that we’ve (mostly) dropped the cooking gender issues, learning basic life skills in high school would probably be a really good thing. 

You will recognize most of these brands. Even though we don’t know the direct consequences of eating the chemical ADA, it’s safe to say that if a brand is putting a completely NON FOOD item in their product, it’s not a healthy choice and most of the other ingredients will reflect that as well.